Feb 102015
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We have been in Buenos Aires for over a week now.  That time has given us an opportunity to form some  opinions  about life down here in the Southern hemisphere.  Don’t expect a big report today.  Buenos Aires is not a relaxing place.  It takes just about all the energy this old Coot can generate to keep moving down here.  Even when you are trying to keep your cool and remain calm, just riding the SubTe (what they call their subway) or riding in a taxi engages all your reserves.  All the taxis are subcompacts and it takes me five minutes to get in and  out of one but once you are in, the ride is exhilarating. It amazes us that we haven’t seen one accident because taxi driving is a competitive sport down here.  Your taxi driver plays chicken with all  the other taxi drivers to get around a bus or into a better lane.

Down time is when you sit down for water at a sidewalk cafe, sometimes just inches from the traffic but once you order a water, you can sit forever.

That’s about it for today.  I just noticed that neither Bob nor Justin had checked in since my last post and I figured I’d better put something in. I’ll upload a couple of pictures  and add a few more observations about Buenos Aires to flesh out later.  Trial lawyers would have a field day in BA because we haven’t seen a sidewalk without serious safety issues since we got here.  Portenos (residents of BA) seem  to have an underwear fetish.  There are underwear shops in  the SubTe stations.  They do seem to celebrate Christmas with some of the same  themes we use but Santa Clause is Papa Noel.  Green wreaths, trees and lights are up  but in more restrained fashion  than back in  the  states.  More later.

BA Tour Bus

Open air Tour buses give you a quick overview of BA sights

View from our apartment

Our apartment view

BA sidewalks can be a challenge

There must not be trial lawyers in BA


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