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We don’t hold with stereotypes here at COC.  The image you probably form when you hear Cantankerous Old Coots is ugly  old  men but you need to know that cantankerosity is more than skin deep and that coots can be any sex.  In other words you can’t tell a coot by his cover and just to be clear, we use  the standard English meaning for pronouns that the masculine pronoun is also the general pronoun.  So if you are paying any attention, you will understand that  Cantankerous Old Coots can be women.  They can take all forms, from dotty old ladies like Miss Marple to something more seductive. You can be pretty and still be a Cantankerous Old Coot.

At COC we want to do more than entertain.  In fact ,our aim is to help each of our readers exercise the full flow of cantankerous potential they possess.  It is our eleemosynary intent to nurture even the smallest nubbin of honesty and help it grow into real truth-telling cantankerosity because that is what we do here at COC- tell the truth when no one else will.

Some of the fairer sex may feel that they must exclude themselves from the joy of cantankerosity because they think that it is just not feminine.  They may feel that indulging in cantankerosity will make them undesirable or unattractive.  To that, we at COC have only one response.  Au Contraire! Just because you feel pretty, you are not excluded from developing the ‘I don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks attitude’ that is the essence of a coot.  Take the video clip below as an example.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  1. Coo Coo Cachoo Mrs. Robinson…..
    .-= Justin Matthews´s last blog ..How teaching my daughter to write is helping me. =-.

  2. Keep up the good work!

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