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I’m afraid I have to disappoint Ralph this morning. I had promised him he would wake to the sight of my smiling face in a video and its not going to happen, at least not this week.  Not surprisingly, this week I want to talk to y’all about what happened yesterday…the election.  Much to my disappointment…and to the detriment of the country, I believe…Obama was elected to another term and will continue his policies of taking the United States away from out constitutional principles and towards, at best, a European socialism and, at worst, complete Marxism.

For those who believe that America gets its greatness from the fact it has been a constitutional republic since 1776, that our success comes from our constitutional principles, from its people, NOT from the government, yesterday was a disaster, and can be discouraging.  Don’t let that describe you.  America is not down the tubes yet.  All is not lost.  There is a solution, and it is simple.

It is time for the second American Revolution.  Not a revolution fought with guns that results in blood in the streets (though the coming necessary austerity may make us look much like Greece in that regard), but a quiet, legal revolution that can bring an over-taxing, over-regulating, overbearing government to its knees…and begin to renew and rebuild.

Before beginning the revolution, we need to understand what happened yesterday.  How could Obama even have a chance of winning, much less actually pull it off?

He did it by making sure two things happened:

  • He Balkanized the country.  He took a country that had different people, believing different things, working together to make and keep the country as a whole great, despite their differences, and turned it into a country with a we-vs-them culture.  He intentionally made the country blacks vs whites, rich vs poor, men vs women, conservatives vs the elderly,  gay vs straight, and more.  He made us a country of people that don’t just disagree…we are at war with each other, and Obama did that…intentionally.
  • He bought and paid for huge numbers of voters with tax dollars.  The best example of this that comes to mind is the way he handled the bailout of the auto industry.  Forget Obama’s accusation that Mitt Romney wanted General Motors and Chrysler to be allowed to go bankrupt while he, Obama, had “saved” the auto industry.  That is bull.  Both of them, Obama and Romney, wanted GM and Chrysler to go bankrupt, and they did, regardless of the name you put on what happened.  The difference is, in a straight up reorganization bankruptcy, as Romney wanted, the company is reorganized in such a manner that investors, people and groups who have invested in the company, are protected first.  These investors are not just the Wall St. fat-cats and evil rich that Obama talks about.  They are stock and bond funds that ordinary Americans have their 401K’s money in…they are where teacher retirement funds are invested, along with the retirement funds for many other ordinary Americans…and those investors in GM and Chrysler were thrown under the bus to take care of a huge voter group in battleground states, the United Auto Workers.
    Since its bankruptcy was a “bailout” instead of a court supervised bankruptcy, Obama set the rules for the auto industry’s salvation, not bankruptcy law, and his rules stripped the investors (remember, teacher’s, firemen’s, and Joe Sixpack  next door’s retirement savings) of their rights…and money…and gave it to the auto worker’s unions to buy their vote…and the unions delivered.  If it weren’t for the auto worker’s union vote in Ohio, we would have woke up this morning with a different president-elect.

That didn’t happen, and we have to work with what is, not what we wish it were.  How can a “new” American Revolution work?

We are used to governmental power flowing down…the federal government tells states what to do, then the states tell counties, parishes, towns and cities what to do, then those local governments tell the citizens what they have to do.  Local officials excuse their actions by saying they are only passing along what comes down, mandated, from above.

This can, AND MUST, stop.

Individuals can have far more impact at the local level than at the national one.  Representatives and Senators don’t know who you are, and don’t care, except in the few months before an election.  They have so insulated themselves from “the people” that we are simply background noise to them.

Local officials are a whole different matter.  You see them…and they see you…on an almost daily basis.  Beyond city council meetings, besides planning and zoning board meetings, they see you all the time.  In church.  At the supermarkrt.  At the diner or the Starbucks in the morning getting coffee on the way to work.

Confront them.  Publicly.  Intensely.  Often.  Be legal, don’t threaten, but leave NO doubt that they will be held accountable for their actions.  In short, when their actions serve the status quo of overbearing, over-regulating, over-taxing government rather than serve “we the people”, do one thing:

Make their life a living hell!

Individuals and small groups can take back their local government.  You can tell them to go to hell until they represent you or they will lose their jobs.  And then something amazing can happen.  When enough local officials are fearful of losing their jobs, the message will flow uphill.  They will start to tell the state governments to go to hell until THEY begin to serve the people, not the status quo.  And you know what happens next…

The states begin to recognize, and use, the 10th Amendment, and tell the federal government to go to hell.

Now…THAT”S what I’M talking about.

Click that “Take It Back button to see what YOU can do to make it happen.

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  1. I always tell my wife to look for the silver lining with any disaster. The election last night was giving me trouble until today. But now I get it. Bob’s been in a lovesick funk for months now, barely able to function and not up to putting up a video let alone a rant or an actual post. Obama may have won the country but at least Bob is back in action.

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