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President Obama enjoyed telling us that we “…didn’t build that!” Despite that, I think it only fair that we give credit where credit is due. That means that when Obama does something…when he builds something…we ought to give him credit for

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whatever it is he built.

In today’s video I am more than happy to give him credit…full credit…for his construction skills. Let’s take a look at just what Obama HAS


Aljazeera, the propaganda arm of the militant Muslim world, says the Bengazi attack was all about the YouTube video, here.

But The Guradian, in London, reports that a US government official says it was a terrorist attack.

On the other hand, Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the UN states as an absolute fact that the attack was a part of a spontaineous protest over a YouTube video.

Meanwhile, in other mideast screwups, Obama:

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the Obama apology tour.

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  2 Responses to “Lookee here…see what Obama built!”

  1. Nowadays I just feel more sceptic about Obama… I am sorry, but I cannot trust him anymore…

    • Agi,
      When you stop thinking you can trust politicians, it means that you have finally grown up. Congratulations. They are all liars, cheats and montebanks.

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