Feb 102015
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Hail to the Chief.

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Once a year we honor the creator of Cantankerous Old Coots; the one man responsible for this exercise in extreme folly who has led the way of Cantankerousity for all of us constrained by boring convention and insipid politeness.

Just is a modest man, happy to tend to his day to day role of stay at home Dad and web entrepreneur. He doesn’t seek attention or favor. He is happy in the bosom of his family and the sweet sounds of his kettle bells. Only the slave labor here at Coot’s are allowed to see the hard driven, opinionated ideologue that makes Cantankerous Old Coots so unique.

Today, the hard driven, laborers here at Coots take a moment to give Justin his due. His genius originated the idea, his web savvy made it all happen and his magnetic personality attracted us to his mission. Today it is time to give Justin the credit he so clearly deserves and wish him the very best on his birthday.


Although wise beyond his years, Justin is not yet 40. We are awed by his insight and direction and motivated by the swift kicks in the rear administered with clinical precision. One can only imagine what he will accomplish in years to come.


So happy birthday, good friend and boss, compatriot and leader, inspiration and mentor. Savor this day and accept the good wishes of the little people trying to follow in your footsteps. Let those kettle bells ring on,


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Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  1. Thanks Ralph, we couldn’t do all of this without you

  2. It’s true. Nothing can trump cheap labor.

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