Aug 292012
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You know what I am getting sick of these days?  Me.  That’s right, Me.

I am getting sick of myself and telling myself that I am too tired or too old or…well just too full of shit to do what I should be doing.

This summer has been a disaster and it is no ones fault but mine.  Why didn’t I get more posts done?  Ehhh…. just didn’t.  That is the worst excuse in the world.

How can any of this online stuff survive with such namby pamby crap floating in my blogs?  It can’t.  So, now I am not going to try any more.

No, I am not going to quit and hand the reigns over to Ralph, he has been doing too much as it is.

I am not going to try and come up with a perfect post any more.  I am going to sit down and write cantankerous commentary that may or may not be liberally laced with profanity and or typos.  There have been too many posts that I ahve scrapped in the past because I went back to edit them.   Screw that.  If it is not for a first, raw and open cantankerous draft then why are we even here?

Expect more.

Comment and become part of the solution.

If you are pissed about something we are working on a new forum where there can be discussion of cantankerousness.  That will be up as soon as I can get it to work correctly.  And that should give us fodder to write more and more things.

Maybe it is not just me after all, it is you out there in the blogosphere who refuse to interact.  Well then screw you all.  Nah, it is my fault and now things will change.

Pass the caffeine and prepare to be cantankerified.

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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  10 Responses to “Returning to the Cantankerous….”

  1. Justin,
    Welcome back but if you will permit me to make a suggestion- you aren’t the problem!. Well that’s not exactly true- you are a real problem as Bob and I can certainly attest. But that’s irrelevant because it’s not cantankerous. Cantankerous does not mean perfect. Cantankerous does not mean nice and responsible. Cantankerous does not mean following a schedule.
    When you are Cantankerous, your problems are gone and forgotten. You don’t get to be cantankerous by doing your chores and minding your p’s and q’s and feeling guilty. You are cantankerous when you are painfully aware how fucked up everybody else is. And then you shamelessly tell the world with no hold barred regardless of (and without considering important) that you may be equally fucked up.
    So take some pride in being cantankerous enough to ignore your failings and rant. If Bob and I can ignore your failings, surely you can do so as well.
    And go play your kettlebells.

  2. Cantankerous will be spewing forth! While I know that I am certainly a problem and I don’t think I will be able to ignore my failings, I can incorporate those and be pissed off about so much in the world…. My kettlebells may be the problem, they have gathered much dust over the summer….
    As for feeling guilty, there is plenty of that in my normal life, but not here! Here we are Cantankerous.

  3. Well shit! This is really gonna screw up my laziness, Justin. At least while we were both dumping all the responsibility on Ralph, I could just tell myself that hell…it’s not just ME that is the problem at Coots…its not just ME that is being too damn sorry to hold up my end. Nooooo…Justin was lazy…Justin was SORRY….too, so its not all ME!

    Well just damn! It being “just me” is fine when its about knowing everything…after all, the world, or even a small part of it, can’t be expected to keep up with me…but when its about being lazy and sorry, well, I don’t think I’ll much like being the only person in that boat, so I guess I’ve gotta get busy, too.

    Damn… thanks, Justin!

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