Jul 152012
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Lifestyle is important to Cantankerous Old Coots. We feel like we deserve something for putting up with life for all these years. Aging isn’t all that much fun so we are always on the lookout for enjoyments, even small ones. This week’s stories provide some of those small pleasures.

Demi’s boy toy

Lets start with space. Space was our future when this Coot was a kid. I fully expected colonies on the Moon by the end of the century. I was dreaming.  Back then I didn’t understand government.  Up until the 60’s we were on target with Kennedy leading the charge but after the huge arousal from the Moon landings, NASA went all coitus interruptus on us. All progress stopped and we abandoned the rockets that could get us there.  Man in space was looking like a hopeless wet dream until Sir Richard stepped up to the plate.

Now not only will man be going back to space, it can be you. Sir Richard says that 2013 is when you can purchase a trip to space; no muss, no fuss, no government red tape. Just bring money. This Coot won’t be on the virgin Virgin flight but I’ll be there in spirit and feeling some satisfaction that the dreams of man in space from my youth are coming true- even if it means seeing Ashton Kutcher on board. I wonder what Sir Richard would charge to leave him there?  Maybe Bruce would help.

Branson taking people into space in 2013

This next story is for all you guys that wonder what those $200 bottles of wine taste like and what James Bond knows about wine drinking that you didn’t learn in the backseat of your roommate’s car. I know I’ve never been able to justify paying even $25 for a bottle of wine but I always figured it was just my piss-poor palette that wasn’t refined enough to appreciate a fine wine. Now it seems my palette may not be so piss poor after all.

Is There Really A Taste Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Wines?

English: NYC signing September 1, 2009 at Nint...

English: NYC signing September 1, 2009 at Nintendo Store – New York City, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally a story that really doesn’t have much to do with unfulfilled expectations. I never expected much from Justin Bieber and to give him credit he never disappoints. Still the idea of this snot-nosed kid getting adulation from pre-pubescent girls around the world is pretty hard to take. Somebody needs to introduce this kid to the harsh realities of life so it is a small pleasure to see someone trying to take him down.

Woman Sues Justin Bieber for Hearing Loss 


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  1. I know what you mean about Justin Bieber. I guess this is the main reason why there a lot of adaptations of his guesting in CSI. Practically all famous gunners in the movies are shooting the daylights out of Bieber. 🙂

    • I guess Bieber means ratings. Apparently he sings although I can’t remember ever hearing him. I’m probably lucky.

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