Jul 082012
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What can be better than a plethora?

Virgin Galactic Scaled Composites 348 White Kn...

Virgin Galactic Scaled Composites 348 White Knight 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a mixed bag this week but somehow our crack staff have found a plethora of stories. (It’s hard to know whether the stories this week are better than average or they were just trying to get me to include ‘plethora’ in the text. I have to say that plethora is a grand word with lots of mouth appeal. Just try to say it while frowning.)

The first story is about the new private spacecraft. After the incredible back pedaling from the space frontier by NASA, it’s great to get excited again about space. NASA’s high point was the moon landing and it’s been downhill since. Thanks to Sir Richard and a few other good men, man is going back into space. It’s good timing too because we need the money being wasted by NASA to pay down the debt.


The news today is that if you want to see the future of space, the Virgin Galactic spacecraft will be appearing at an airshow. I don’t know where Farnborogh is but this is your chance.

Virgin Galactic spaceship to make Farnborough debut

Moving on to the next story, it may not be spaceflight but did you know that there is a bird that uses it’s wings to make music? This bird isn’t stuck in any ruts. Read and be inspired.

Bird sings by playing its wings like a violin

There is also good news this week. Aren’t you sick of being told you are too fat? Unless you are anorexic somebody is going to tell you to lose weight. If it isn’t your wife, it’s your doctor and now the government spends your money to put ads on television just in case you might have missed the message. Well the truth is always more complicated than the government can handle, let alone your wife. Read this story and have hope along with another donut.

Study: Extra pounds may protect heart failure patients

And finally two stories you many not need to know but if you don’t live in California you may still suffer with the delusion that your government is worth all the taxes you pay for it. California is proof that the more you pay the government the more irresponsible it is. From ridiculous regulations like this:

Overturn California’s Foie Gras Ban

To spending money they don’t have like this:

California high-speed rail gets green light

Just what California needs

These days the only dream Californians have left is to dream that they might be able to sell their house for more than they owe and move someplace with worse weather and better economics like North Dakota.


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  1. I suddenly want to go to California. I heard that the country is organizing some activities and plan more ways to have eco-friendly environment. It would be nice and comfortable to live in California if that’s the case.

  2. Wow! That plane looks amazing! I haven’t thought that it was a catamaran-style in airplanes as well:)

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