Feb 102015
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Well folks, my best laid plans kind of fell apart on Friday.  It was my daughters 6th birthday and we were running, making cakes and partying all day.  the cantankerousness was forgotten.  Sorry about that.  But, here is a dose of the funny Bone Ticklers for a Monday(which happens to be my anniversary as well.  Go figure.)


England v Argentina … we bring on the sub

You have to love the Brits.  Argentina: We are going to revolt!  England: Fine we will wipe you off of the map.

U.K. rowers cancel trans-Atlantic plan

I wonder how much alcohol was involved in this hare brained scheme.  I am all for endurance challenges but rowing across the Atlantic doesn’t sound like a very wise thing to do.

One way or the other, the squirrel always rules

Tim Bedore of Vague but True fame has it right with his animal conspiracy.  The Animals are out to get us, and the squirrels are the first wave.

DEA wants to scan all license plates on Utah’s ‘drug corridor’

This one is for Bob.  His conspiracy theories and Government Overlording is evident here.

Dying Chevron Executive Excited To One Day Become Oil

this just made me laugh.


OK guys thanks for reading again.  There will be another one for Friday!

also thanks to theonion.com and Fark.com for some funny stuff!


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