May 202012
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What’s wrong with what we’ve always done? 

One thing this Coot notices is that there seems to be a conspiracy going on. Everyday we are bombarded with news stories, research and other bullshit telling us that everything we know, everything that has been part of human existence, and frankly everything that is good about life is bad for us.  Take food!

All the food that has always been such a pleasure is, of course bad for you. Healthy used to mean hearty natural food like eggs, meat, cheese. The food our farmer forebears needed to fuel their bodies for work on the farm might have been good for them but it is no longer good enough for modern times. Nothing that brings pleasure or tastes good is fit to eat.  At least according to the ‘experts’.

Don't get between a man and meat.

Any what’s more, we buy this drivel. We starve ourselves. We eat tasteless meals and live an existence deprived of enjoyment. All because we want to me one of the sophisticates and fit into the clothes we wore in high school, impossible as that may be. Well today’s first story just shows the desperation and determination of all these revisionists. They want to eliminate meat from our diets.

Meat has always been the perfect food for real men. It’s what has fueled the growth of civilization and powered the great men of history. It is proved in cultures around the world and throughout history. But that is no excuse for the revisionists. In our modern times we have learned the truth about meat and the truth is ugly. Don’t do old Dad in on Father’s Day by cooking him a big steak. Fix him a nice veggieburger.

Men, Meat and Masculinity Linked

Drink up!

Those same revisionists can’t seem to make up their minds about coffee. (Just one more reason to stop listening to them) But today they decree that, in spite of everything published in the past about how bad coffee is, coffee is really good for you- TRUST US.

Does a Coffee a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Then there is all the buzz about organic food. The ‘experts’ go on and on about the poisons from pesticides and chemicals and how unhealthy they all make the stuff in the grocery stores these days. It makes you sick just to read them but then you go to the grocery store and find that the ‘healthy’ organic stuff costs twice as much. Maybe it is better for you. But then again maybe not. It just might be that we need those extra chemicals.

Does organic food turn people into jerks?

It’s enough to stress you out listening to all these studies and all this revisionist propaganda about how to live. As if thousands of years of history hadn’t already sorted it out. Maybe it’s just that the younger generation is too stressed out. Maybe it is time to teach our kids to relax and go with the flow. In the UK they are putting this into practice so that maybe the next generation will be ready to stop trying to change things and just enjoy life.

The world’s first health resort for stressed-out toddlers



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  1. Nothing better than a good steak. 🙂

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